Cheapest Pay As You Go

No Contracts - Just Pay as You Go!

Cheapest Pay As You Go

So just what is the Cheapest Pay As You Go? The answer lies in your calling needs. We will explore the cheapest pay as you go plans for each type of user. There are heavy talkers, text and data users, emergency only callers, to name a few.

Cheapest Pay As You Go Unlimited

For heavy users, the best available plans without a contract would be pay as you go unlimited plans. There are several providers who offer unlimited talking for $50 per month. Find the best cheap pay as you go phones with unlimited service.

Cheapest Pay As You Go Emergency

If you only need cell phone service for light usage or emergency use, Tracfone offers a pay as you go plan for under $100 per year. Depending on their promotion, sometimes you can get a FREE pay as you go phone when you get this plan. Other great options would include Net10 and their 10 cent per minute plan.

Cheapest Pay As You Go Texting

With most pay as you go providers you must have a regular voice plan first and can add a text or data plan to your voice plan. Virgin Mobile offers an unlimited texting plan for $35 per month and you get limited calling minutes with this plan. With all of these offers regular taxes and fees apply. These are the cheapest pay as you go options for each type of caller. Find more pay as you go texting plans. Or you might just be interested in cheap cell phone plans with unlimited text. Either way, there are some affordable options for you.